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Agriculture Solutions

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Agriculture Solutions

Technology is now an intricate part of day to day farming activities.

Today’s farming is a lot different than just a few decades ago. Farm logistics, trucking, growing, maintenance, admin/office, sales, and quality assurance are all critical aspects of your business and technology can help with all of them.
Trace-ability and Safe Quality Foods (SQF) are pivotal when growing food to feed people. Being able to trace back a food borne illness to a specific shipment is invaluable.

Contact us and we can help with:

 Reliable infrastructure that is accessible from the field, office, or at home.
• Scale integration to track inventory from the field level all the way down a package by package basis.
• Field labor data collection to track labor in the field whether it’s piece rate work, or hourly labor.
• Manufacturing to track production costs on a package by package level.
• Training and support to help your farming staff get acclimated to today’s tech integrated ag environment.
Contact us today for a managed service quote, or more information on our agriculture solutions.