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At IES security is a top priority.

Whether you’re looking for a document permissions audit, network penetration test, intrusion prevention system, or a comprehensive camera system we can help.

Solutions we currently provide are:

Camera Systems
We can recommend and install the right camera system for you. High definition crystal clear pictures, remote camera control (PTZ), central control of user logons, mobile and web access from anywhere in the world, and the storage to save recordings for as long as you need.
We will monitor your workstations and protect your files from deadly viruses such as Cryptolocker, saving you time and letting you focus on your business.
Network Protection
Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, and Content Filtering. Protect your network from all avenues of attack including malicious websites and intruders.
Proximity (RFID) Door Locks
Control access to your building using employee designated key cards. Allow or disallow access to specific doors for specific employees. Instantly prohibit access for an employee without having to change the locks and distribute keys to all of your other employees. If someone loses their key you have to find a copy, or get one made costing you time and money. If an employee loses their proximity card, you can print another in minutes.
Permissions Management
Are your files secure. Are you concerned that the permissions haven’t been correctly assigned? Contact us and we can perform and audit and assign permissions as you deem appropriate.