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Software Management

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Software Management

Whether you currently have a system, or are looking for recommendations we can help.

At IES we have managed a variety of different time and attendance, point of sale, accounting, e-commerce, and other software systems. We specialize in both the implementation of new systems, and management of existing systems. We also pride ourselves on integrating disparate systems to get you the information you need to make better business decisions.
For example, are you currently running a point of sale application, and time and attendance system? Are you correlating labor spending to your sales? Maybe there is a lull from 5pm – 9pm where you could send an employee home four hours early, but just never had the data to make that decision. Assuming an employee works 260 days annually at the current minimum wage of $9.47 you would recognize a savings of $9,848.80 per year. That’s a return on investment that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you need help with:

Point of Sale Systems
Track your sales and inventory. Margins are so tight in retail, and the food service industry that getting a point of sale application should be your highest priority. See sales in specific time frames, see which items sell and which don’t. Unless you can tell me how many of an item you’ve sold in the last year, and whether or not you’ve made money on said item you’re probably holding your business back from going to the next level.
PCI Compliance
Also known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – is another big factor in this area, and we can help. Don’t entrust your POS system to just anyone. There are strict standards for credit card processors, and you don’t want to risk being attacked. We can make your Point of Sale system secure and 100% PCI compliant. All it takes is one breach to break customer trust for years.
Time & Attendance System
Are you still using old punch card time clocks? Do you have people manually write down when they arrive and leave? Save yourself thousands by avoiding employee time theft, and not having to hire an expensive book keeper to manually compute your payroll. Give yourself the power to see labor reports on a daily, weekly, or annual basis.
Accounting Systems
Are you still manually tracking everything by hand or in Excel? Do yourself a favor and get an accounting system. Depending on your business size there is a large variety of systems we could recommend that will give you insight into your accounts receivable, payable, fixed assets, bank accounts, payroll, inventory, and more.
E-commerce Systems
Are you running a retail store, but want to list items online? Are you selling items on Ebay, Amazon, and other sites? If so, please contact us about our E-commerce suites. We can provide you with applications that manage all of your auctions and amazon listings from one central console.
Database Systems
Does your current application have a database backend that you aren’t utilizing? Do you have a database based system at all? If you are struggling with your current database, or not using one you’re missing out. We can assist you in getting a database that works for you, and exposes the data you need to make key business decisions.
Healthcare Systems
Keeping personal information private is key with healthcare systems. We can keep your healthcare systems working, and make sure they are 100% HIPAA compliant.