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Backup Solutions | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Backup Solutions

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Backup Solutions

What are you doing to protect your data?

 Are you backing up your data every day? 

• Are  you backing up your key data to an off-site location or the cloud?
• Have you tested your recovery process recently, and verified that it functions as expected?  


If you do not know the answer to the above questions, or answered “No” to any of them we strongly encourage you to review your backup systems and recovery process. We offer free consultations and will provide a comprehensive review of all your Information Technology systems.  Lost data can hurt your reputation, your clients, and your bottom line. Many companies never recover from significant data loss and simply end up going out of business. Please do not leave this critical piece of your IT infrastructure to chance! 


We have experience in a wide variety of backup technologies.

Cloud Backups – Backup your data to a hosted server on the internet. Protect your business against major catastrophes such as a fire.
• Internal Backups –  Cost effective and great for quick recovery of data. We can configure backups to a multitude of devices using your network.  
• White Box Recovery – A secondary server that is used in the event of a major failure of your primary server(s). Avoiding costly downtime and saving you money.
• Branch Office Backups – Not quite comfortable with the cloud, but want a secure off-site backup? We can backup to any branch office, or other location of your choosing.

If you subscribe to any of our Complete Care products we will maintain and monitor your backups. In the event of a total catastrophe we will recover your data for free. You will not incur a single charge for labor, travel time, or anything else.  Please contact us today if you have any questions, or want to schedule your free consultation.