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Communications | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Communication is the foundation of any successful business.

Here at Innovative Enterprise Systems we do not believe you can over communicate. If you are seeking ways to improve your company’s communication and collaboration, we can help. When communication lines are open between a manager and their employees, or a business and its customers, it can directly affect the sales and performance of the business. When you effectively communicate to employees they perform better. When you effectively communicate to customers it converts them from prospects into buyers. You will never read a business book that doesn’t advocate for strong constant communication.


Technology has become a pivotal piece in communicating with clients, vendors, and employees daily. Communicating weak spots allows for employees to adapt or fill the gap. Communicating with customers allows them to better understand your product so that you can avoid unmet expectations. Communicating with vendors makes sure you get the product you need when you need it. With technology, you can have the data at your fingertips to make quick decisions and communicate clear measurable objectives.


We offer a variety of solutions.

360 Degree Conferencing Camera  Get the most out of your remote meetings with the ability to have an adaptive camera that focuses on who’s speaking and can show everyone in the room.
Surface Hub  The ultimate visual presentation tool.  Sketch out workflow, ideas, and plans. Sync Surface Hubs across regions to share and collaborate real-time over the internet.
Avaya Phone System – Are you using an outdated phone system. Get up to date with an Avaya phone system. Save money using VOIP, and enjoy a ton of new features.
Skype for Business  Collaborate in real-time across any device and any location. The ultimate messaging, conferencing, and screen-sharing tool.
 Google Voice  Don’t want to invest in a new phone system, but want the functionality of one. Google Voice offers a robust platform for all your business calling needs.

Microsoft Teams  An all in one application for conversations, planning, tasks, file sharing, and notes. 


Don’t wait another day to open the communication channels in your business. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.