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Construction Solutions | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Construction Solutions

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Construction Solutions


Position your company for success with a solid technical foundation.

We have extensive experience in the construction industry. When contracts are on the line you simply cannot afford to have computers offline. We understand the importance of a robust, secure, always online system that everyone in your organization can access with ease.  We have comprehensive systems that can streamline communication with your customer, track your inventory, labor, and every other facet of your construction business positioning your company for growth.


A few of our service offerings include:

Cloud based document sharing for on the go access to Blueprints, CAD projects, estimates, inventory sheets, and more.
• Cloud based Time & Attendance systems to track your mobile workforce and keep them honest.
• Mobile solutions to keep your team in contact no matter how many jobs are running.
• Reliable systems that you can depend on no matter what the hour or the location.
• Internet access at construction sites.
Big or small, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.