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Data Analytics | Business Intelligence | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Data Analytics | Business Intelligence

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Data Analytics | Business Intelligence


Are you utilizing data to drive your business forward?

In today’s competitive business environment your data is invaluable.  If you are not utilizing data to drive business decisions then you are at a disadvantage. Depending on your industry the data your systems provide can have numerous uses. Forecasting inventory needs, monitoring sales real-time, conversion ratios, marketing effectiveness, labor costs, and many other metrics are available. If you look at any successful business they have utilized technology and data to scale their business and make key decisions. Amazon, WalMart, Target, and McDonalds are just a few that have used data to refine their price points, product offerings, logistics, and store locations.  

Is your reporting solution automated?

If you are currently using data to drive business decisions. How are you reporting on the data? Are you using an automated solution that allows you to view reports in real-time, or are you paying your bookkeeper to manually generate the same reports day after day in Excel? There is a better way to consume data, and make it accessible to all key decision makers.  We offer a variety of reporting solutions including:


Power BI – Microsoft’s premier business intelligence software. Connect to many different on premise and cloud hosted databases to get the most out of your data.
SQL Reporting Services – If you have an on-premises SQL Server we can utilize the reporting services to build you real-time web based reports.
Microsoft Access – Don’t have a database server, or a cloud service that works with PowerBI ? We can build you simple forms to collect data and report on it using Access.
Microsoft Excel – Don’t get stuck manually creating reports in Excel. We can connect to many different database types and build views that allow you to update your Excel with a button click.
SiSense – Want a more robust cross database reporting tool? SiSense can build beautiful reports and compare data from multiple databases.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a free business intelligence consultation.  We can explain what data you have available, the different methods of reporting on it, and answer any questions you may have absolutely 100% free of charge.