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Network Management | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Network Management

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Network Management


The back bone of your operations.

Security, speed, and reliability are pivotal when it comes to any business network. Let our experienced enterprise experts make sure your network is performing at 100%. Don’t get caught with your production line sitting idle, or your point of sale offline during a busy sale. We know that downtime is literally money out of your pocket which is why we monitor your network 24×7 to make sure it’s always performing at 100%. 


Services you can count on.

Internet – Redundant internet connections with automatic fail over, internet analysis, and general internet monitoring are all part of our services. Never be offline again!

Remote Access  We offer a variety of ways to access your computer when away. Whether traveling internationally, or just accessing your office from home.
 Local Area Network – We analyze your current infrastructure or build your network from scratch. Either way we always make sure the job is done right, and that your network is running at 100%.
 Wireless – Whether you’re needing wireless for a small office space, or a large warehouse we can help you out. 
Intrusion Prevention System – A second layer of defense in your router. Protects against anomalous packets, and keeps your network safe.

Gateway Anti-Virus – Monitor for viruses directly on your router. Avoid downtime, and keep your data safe.

Traffic Shaping  Control the flow of your network. Prioritize specific traffic so that your operations don’t get slowed down by the music you’re streaming.
 Network Monitoring – We can monitor any connected device 24×7. Production lines, scales, printers, and computers just to name a few. If something goes offline, we go into action.
 Advanced Networking – Keep your network secure using our advanced networking experts. 802.1x authentication, virtual LANs, and more.
 Virtual Private Network – Connect branch offices, connect from your house to your office securely, or let your account connect. VPNs are the secure, cost-effective way to connect.

Private Network – Fast and secure. Point to point connections offer great performance, and the extra security of only having a single or no internet connection to protect from the outside world.

 Content Filtering – Block certain websites and keep your employees on task.


Contact us if you have any questions or would like a free network consultation. We provide a comprehensive security and performance analysis.