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Software Management | Innovative Enterprise Systems

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Software Management

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Software Management


One system to rule them all.

Let’s face it, if you’re in business you have software, if not you probably won’t be in business very long. At Innovative Enterprise Systems, we specialize in managing and installing many types of software. We preach a one system to rule them all approach, and strongly advise our clients to adhere to that, or move in that direction. When working in a single system, you avoid much of the hassle of comparing data from separate systems. One such report example may be labor vs sales. If you track your labor in a different system from your sales, you will either be wasting valuable time having employees duplicate the data in the other system, or worse yet manually export data from both systems and then build some ad-hoc dashboard in Excel that must be manually updated.


In today’s competitive environment that sort of manual data duplication, and lack of insight into your business is just not feasible. Automation is key to reducing costs, and driving efficiency. Many times, we have been able to automate reports, or repetitive tasks, saving our clients time and money. We push for real time data, so that you can see how your business is running right now, not how it was yesterday, or a week ago.


If you’re in need of assistance please contact us. We have worked extensively with ERP, E-Commerce, Point of Sale, Time & Attendance, CRM, and many other software platforms. We can help you drive your business forward, while supporting your Information Technology needs.